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 Our Story 

Since 1994, a family-owned Wisconsin company known as Cherryland's Best has been producing tasty and healthy dried tart cherries as well as tart cherry juices, exclusively from one of the Midwest's most beloved vacation spots - Door County, Wisconsin.



Door County, located in Northeast Wisconsin, has become well known for its unique shops and quaint towns such as Egg Harbor, Ephraim and Fish Creek. This gorgeous peninsula is home to bike trails, parks and stunning outdoor beauty. Incredible restaurants and wineries make Door County a foodie's paradise! Probably the most well-known feature of Door County is its landscape dotted with family-owned and operated cherry orchards.


The sight of so many Door County cherries signals the immense popularity of this delicious crop, and with good reason. No artificial flavoring can compare to the taste of real cherries. Many have tried to imitate their robust flavor, but as far as we and virtually everyone we hear from are concerned, there is no comparison.

For years, Cherryland's Best has used the finest Montmorency cherries from these orchards to create our dried fruit treats. Supporting these local farmers of Wisconsin cherries has helped sustain this very special crop. Over time, we have gradually added new versions of Door County’s famous dried cherries, such as our chocolate dried cherries, cherry berry mix, nut mix, and many others.


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